Gordon Young, Ph.D, Professor, Communications & Performing Arts with a group of students from Kingsborough College - CUNY ,2013

Pressure From All Sides

This workshop focused on overcoming the obstacles to absorbing a new language, while adapting to a new stressful New York environment and dealing with the pressure of college deadlines. The (ESL) students reconnected to their personal resources and capabilities by revisiting the past events when those capabilities and resources were demonstrated and available. Their paintings reflect the events of personal success and a now serve as a tool - seeing themselves in a confident and resourceful state - that they can access when needed.

Changa Ceremony

I painted this with Svetlana Sky at her Art Healing Works session. We sat and got grounded, then meditated and let what spoke to us in our meditations spill out onto the canvas. I actually painted this image rotated 90 degrees clockwise and didn't know I had painted an image from a changa ceremony I had with Daoud Abeid, Rasu Jilani and our brother David Powers the week before.

I had a huge creative breakthrough in this class and I recommended it to anyone who is willing to explore and go beyond.

Lost Love Story

I attended “Art Healing Works” with Svetlana Sky. The session was magnificent, in which Svetlana conveys her high talent and experience in the healing process.

The canvas she provided was a place where I could see Myself through "X" – and the pain I was carrying with the same. Pain, along with the image of the "X" whom I procure to efface, bears a resemblance with my past.

The "X"'s image comes into my mind whenever I am immersed in the moments of equanimity. Why burden ought to intrude my space in time devoted to peace, meditation and contemplation of beauty?

Perhaps, because, by losing someone, we are forced to recalibrate our lives and remember what is truly important to us. Perhaps the difficult lessons are also the ones through which we evolve spiritually. The pain does not define me; it is just a validation of my love. Perhaps, because I shall never suppress it, for I need to go through this process to bring about the fullness of the experience.

Thank you, Svetlana!


Peace of Mind

What do you think of this paining when you see it? What is the meanings of this ?

Here's what Richard had to say about his work:
"Today I started meditating and felt a whole lot better. I also realized why me going in circles was so peaceful --
because its very routine! It seems like routine brings peace and joy to my life and I keep on forgetting it because I get so distracted.

Also, when I do get into routine too much I forget to live life. I need to find the balance."

Great realization, Richard! And you thought your painting was just circles!