“Let’s talk about your painting”, I proposed. “Tell me about it”

“Well I came here to gain some clarity. I lived with my girlfriend for 5 years. Then I met this girl at work, she was from our office in Switzerland.  We were immediately attracted to each other. After her business trip was over, she went back home.

I felt I could not stay together with my girlfriend. So, I left.  I live alone. I can’t figure out what to do, my girlfriend asked me to come back, and I don’t talk to my new friend from Switzerland”,

I see. Please tell me who are the people on your painting?

This is me, and there is a woman leaning on my shoulder, we are looking at the Blue mountain.. I don’t know who she is. But somehow I feel better, more confident.

A month later he called me:

Svetlana! I just wanted to show you something! I had been keeping my paining [that I created in the workshop] from my friend in Switzerland. Today I finally decided to show it to her. And she responded quite quickly with the picture below .That is a mountain in Switzerland close to where she lives, that I’m not really familiar with, and she said that she is wearing a yellow shirt today.

“Do you know who that woman was next to you in your painting?” I asked.

“I sort of always knew”

What does this painting have to do with the photo below?