What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a focused mental state of heightened awareness in which you become receptive to suggestions to create positive changes in life Sounds like Mindful Meditation, But in a more pro-active way. isn’t it,?

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), what does it actually mean?

  • The word Neuro refers to our neurology; how we think, our mind and our body and how they are inextricably linked;
  • The word Linguistic refers to language and other non-verbal indicators we use to describe our internal and external experiences;
  • Programming refers to the patterns of thought and the sequences of behaviors, often outside conscious awareness, that produce results.

Although some wording puts people off, or makes them skeptical or even suspicious (“am I going to be controlled, manipulated? It’s a pseudo- science”…) anyone who ever tried it swears by its effectiveness. As any new modality, NLP is less than 50 years old; it will take some time for a wider recognition of its undisputed benefits. Unlike the Hypnosis, known and practiced by ancient Egyptians. Humans recognized the value of Hypnosis thousands of years ago.

One of the ways in which NLP is different from other psychological disciplines and related to Hypnosis is through its methodology. It's utilizing innate human ability for visualization and makes our thoughts and emotions experiential.

How do Hypnosis & NLP Work Together?

NLP merges with Hypnosis to provide access to the subconscious mind where our sense of Self and our behaviors originated. Many Hypnotists use NLP and many NLP practitioners use Hypnosis. The state of trance is similar to being in meditative visualization or hypnotic dream. Only there, in the subconscious, can lasting change be initiated and take place.

This is the reason why NLP/Hypnosis is so effective where other psychological disciplines fail. Other disciplines focus their effort to change behavior working exclusively with the rational, conscious mind.  If working only with the rational mind would be enough, then all of us who smoke and overeat would become lean and fit non-smokers by simply understanding the danger of smoking and harm of over-eating. However we are more complex that that.

Where does Expressive Painting Fit In?

A surprising outcome of expressive painting created from the state of trance - allow for an illustration, for a document of what is actually happening in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind operates in the language of pictures that are highly symbolic and unique to each individual. However, many of the symbols are universal to humans.

In the years of my painting and teaching, as well as my experience observing hundreds of people using this unique practice, I have learned to appreciate the visual symbolism universal to many of us. When I listen to the language of color and the dynamic of painting expression I see the depth of the told story shared in the process. I can intuitively guide and assist in decoding symbolism of the images.

When that mirror image of the emotional state of the mind are expressed on canvas, it brings an instant transformation. Something that is often very difficult to reach in the subconscious becomes visible for the first time, making it available for contemplation using the conscious mind.

Experiencing Expressive Painting helps one overcome emotional pain and fear, and reach a deeper sense of inner peace and meaning.

It resulting spontaneous images, regardless of the previous painting skills, continue to serve you as a reminder of your personal victory.