A young woman came to the Art Healing workshop. She was suffering from anxiety attacks that she had been treated for since childhood.

She had seen this image many times before. It emerged as soon as she went into trance: the bright light, white surfaces, red buttons and beeping sounds. She described it as if waves were coming over her making her feeling sick. She thought it was ugly just the way she painted it. Every time she "saw" this image, it would trigger another anxiety attack and then she would not remember it. But worse, she had no idea what it meant, this image she painted.

Later that day, she shared her experience at the workshop with her mother and asked if she knew what the painting meant.

Only then did she find out about an event from her early childhood.  When she was about 10 months old, she was hospitalized with infectious meningitis. She was isolated, in a white crib, surrounded by the beeping monitors with red buttons, in the brightly lit unit, and not allowed to be held by her parents for several weeks. Her mother never talked about it, she was convinced that her child was too young to remember it.

Together with uncovering the meaning of her painting, the years of anxiety were over for her. The image was no longer a trigger, and medication was no longer needed. However she kept her ugly painting on the wall