Svetlana Sky

Svetlana Sky, creator and founder of Art Healing Works and TransFormational Painting, was inspired by her life-long pursuit for a greater understanding of human psychology and the development of creativity. Svetlana has a true appreciation for the significance of the correlation between the mind and body. She realized that the mind desires a healthy body. From that point on, her interest expanded to Nutrition, Ayurveda and other holistic practices.

Svetlana Sky is also a Professional artist. Since childhood, Svetlana has been fascinated with Art. She attended The School for Art and Theater Design, where she graduated as an Art director. She has worked in films as an Art Director and has taught painting to adults and children.

She experienced the healing properties of Art first hand, and the longer she taught; the more she witnessed its therapeutic effects on others. This sparked her interest in the healing effects of art and compelled her to observe and study the process. Upon further analysis, she recognized that when one is in a meditative state of mind, during the creative practice of painting, the individual undergoes a healing process.

"I believe in the amazing ability of the human mind and spirit to be transformed, empowered and healed in the presence of Art."  - Svetlana Sky

Svetlana uses her skills as an artist and the tools she has cultivated, throughout years of experience, in her workshops, “Art Healing Works” and “Painting through Meditation”. The unique combination of proven techniques she incorporated in these programs is the natural outcome of her work.

It 2011, she introduced her workshop to a group of close friends, all artists and therapists. That first workshop exceeded all expectations, and the group was amazed by the outcome that followed after a only few short hours of TransFormational Painting. It demonstrated that “mindful meditation” expressed in the immediate act of painting brings a deep transformation to the human mind and is followed by healing effects on the body.


Art Director, Film and Theater Design
Anti-aging Health Practitioner, board certified, 2011
NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Center of New York, 2003  
Certified Hypnotist, National Guild of Hypnotists, 2015.
Certified Holistic Hypnotherapist, Institute for Advanced
   Studies in Hypnosis and Holistic Science, 2015.
Dietary Supplement Counseling, Holt Institute of Medicine.
Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Adviser, International Sivananda
   Yoga Vendata Center.
Member, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine 2009-present.